Larry Chiang's Duck9 (Delivering U Credit Knowledge (D.U.C.K) About FICO Credit Scores

"Duck9's the ORIGINAL credit score prep program for college students that you self-study. No transfer of personal info ever!

If youre high maint., text the co-founder Larry Chiang (me) 650-283-8008
OR just click on Dickie's mouth to read my photo-blog on 'Beat the FICO'"


Facebook Photo Album QUORA quack! yell-O, I'm big ducky CREDIT UNDERGROUND DEEP Ouch!  Banks have systems set up to poke us "9's" kill your credit score because they mean CHARGE-OFF KNOWLEDGE
d.u.c.k.9 is Delivering U Credit Knowledge 9.
FICO is TM of Fair Isaac and doesn't endorse or advocate
why '9'? 9's are charged-offs loans that ruin and decimate credit scores
Do you know where the real mascot of Duck9, "Dickie", is?! Last I heard, he was in a Mexican business incubator (starting Muck9?) Text me, 650-283-8008.
The "31 envelopes, Pixar stamp system" is kinda simple to do on your own without texting or transfering