Larry Chiang's Duck9 (Delivering U Credit Knowledge (D.U.C.K) About FICO Credit Scores

"Duck9's the ORIGINAL credit score prep program for college students that you self-study. No transfer of personal information ever!!

If you are high maint., text the co-founder Larry Chiang (me) 650-283-8008
OR just click on Dickie's mouth to read my photo-blog loaded w/pics on 'Beating the FICO'"


Facebook Photo Album QUORA quack! yell-O, I'm big ducky CREDIT UNDERGROUND DEEP Ouch!  Banks have systems set up to poke us "9's" kill your credit score because they mean CHARGE-OFF KNOWLEDGE

And behind the scenes with the anchors having fun!

d.u.c.k.9 is Delivering U Credit Knowledge 9.
FICO is TM of Fair Isaac and doesn't endorse or advocate -- Obvi!!
Why '9'!? ANSWER: "9's" are charged-offs loans that ruin and decimate credit scores because your lender got screwed cuz you ditched a payment or 20.
Do you know where the real mascot of Duck9, "Dickie", is?! Last I heard, he was in a Mexican business incubator (starting Muck9?) Email me, the CEO at

The "31 envelopes, Pixar stamp system" is kinda simple to do on your own without texting or transfering
The PDF for a free credit report goes to Atlanta GA's Annual Credit Report's PO Box 105281 bc the Fed Trade Comm (FTC) enforces FACT Act. Its a bill Congress passed. Duck9 passed HR627 and HR 3606. The zip code in GA is 30348.

Post Office Boxes are the Achilles heel, weak spot for Experian, Equifax and TransUnion #POBox105281ATL30348 #ExpTransFax

FTC says, "Experian Equifax and Trans Union must mail you your credit reports"

Larry Chiang says, "The bureaus throw up roadblocks so that you do not see your credit report. For example's website only shows you one or two of the three credit reports."