Need help? Call 1-800-925-5552 |



Note: If I am lost please call 877-369-5500 DogREWARD hotline. The GPS chip in my ass is activated and I can be picked up 24/7/365 anywhere in the 94025.


Also, if I got run over because I was chasing pigeons in downtown Palo Alto, please call 415 720 8500 and tell Larry Chiang that you stole me and are keeping me forever. Larry will understand this code phrase to mean that Baxter is now dead due to Larry's negligence.

On a more pleasant note... If you have a Bernese Mountain dog and would like a play date, message my Dogster page and Larry'll set it up for me. Similarly, if you have another large type dog that tolerates my shih tzu puppy-esque personality, call my play agent Larry Chiang at 415 720 8500.

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