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Text message the party secretary Lorenzo (aka Larry Chiang) at 650-283-8008 - He hosts after parties

This is a sequel to Web 2.0 Expo after party here

** These pages are not meant for public view **
Press eyes ONLY


Web 2.0 Summit
The Press and Blogger Reception

Where: St Regis Hotel. Suite 1817*.
Who: Press
Hosted: Larry Chiang and Canaan Partners
When: 7:30-9:30pm

Meet up and relax. Also, you can prep for interviews and scope out the gorgeous party space set up for video interviews. Yes, it is pre-lit.

RSVP your FULL name and pub via text message to 650-283-8008. Please bring your text confirmation with you. Yes you may text last min but preference will be given to early rsvp's as space is limited.

If you're with People Magazine or InStyle and couldn't get a press pass in-time (aka 30 days out), call/text Larry Chiang with your publication name and he will walk you in.

p.s. If you're dog is not Shih Tzu friendly, leave him at home

*suite location may change www.twitter.com/larrychiang for UPDATES


Canaan After Dark party goes 9pm - 12, Oct 20


Web 2.0 Summit After Party - 11:59pm - ??

Where: Location will be text messaged after your RSVP. Who: w2s Convention Attendees in honor of Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle
Honored Guests: (alpha order) Mike Arrington, Ron Conway, Mark Cuban, Brady Forrest, Matt Marshall, Jennifer Pahlka
Special Guests
: MC Hammer, Brian Solis and Mistah Fab "Hit me on the Twitter" (YouTube)
Co-hosts: Adriana Gascoigne, Anna Anisin and Larry Chiang*
When: 11:59pm (or whenever the party ends)

How: RSVP via email with the subject line AFTER PARTY RSVP / YOUR NAME / CELL PHONE NUMBER
Location will be texted back Tues night at 11:30pm

What: Post party meet up. Hosted non-alcohol bar.
On the oh-so-hip Twitter, #w2s

There will be three entry methods.

(1) -No Wait- People who have a text message confirmation from 650-566-9600. The message will have their FULL name from 650-566-9600. One entry per text message.

-No Wait- People who have an after party sticker on their Web2Summit badge. Get a sticker from the party secretary, Larry Chiang or one of the Canaan hosts.

(2) -Line- Queue is for people we need to confirm attended w2s

(3) -Waitlist- People who did NOT attend w2s and did not text message in.

Forecast of waitlist is at www.twitter.com/LarryChiang

* (plus a secret celebrity co-host)